Carol Luc - Fine Art and Graphic Design

The use of space and environment to create an emotional effect is my concern. The depiction of architectural spaces examines the interplay between light and shadow, form and structure, and explores the relationship between material substance and nothingness. Often, the spaces are in a state of transition, and the process of ruination serves to remind us of the transitory nature of life, the inevitability of loss, and the forces of change.

Within the nothingness of empty space, substance is found. The element of light is filled with a psychological weight that demands attention. In exploring the relationships between light and space, objects and emptiness, my work strives to link the material world and the intangible by expressing quiet, reflective emotional states.

Due to the relative commonness of these spaces, we are linked together through the shared experience of being in similar environments. Each person is encouraged to create their own personal narrative about any space depicted.